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Enniskillen Castle built in the 15th century by Hugh, ‘the Hospitable’ Maguire. By 1590, Fermanagh land, (that previously belonged to the Maguire chieftain), was ‘granted’ to him on the understanding that he would pay rent to the English Crown and obey English laws.

This was truly resented by the Lords and a nine-year war commenced – Enniskillen Castle was key! On 26th January the English launched their attack and 6 days later the Maguire forces surrendered. The battles continued over the years. By 1609, Enniskillen Castle had become an English garrison fort in the charge of Captain William Cole, the newly appointed constable.

The castle, left in ruins by the Maguires, was rebuilt by Cole and Cole built a house for his family beside it.


Captain William Cole founded Enniskillen as a town. He purchased the land of Portora in 1612 and built Portora Castle soon afterwards on a site overlooking the narrow exit of the River Erne into Lower Lough Erne, a key security measure.

Cole later leased the castle to the Lord Bishop of Clogher, James Spottiswood.


Crom Castle, strategically located on Upper Lough Erne, controlling the Erne waterway between Enniskillen and Belturbet, was built in 1611 for Michael Balfour, the Laird of Mountwhinney, a Scottish Planter.


This fortified house and Bawn are set on Tully Point and were built for Sir John Hume who occupied the house until 1641 when it was attacked and burned on Christmas Eve by Rory Maguire and the inhabitants were massacred. It was not lived in again.


The building of Monea Castle began in 1616 on the site of the ancient castle of “Hugh the Hospitable “ Maguire. Hugh had moved into his new castle in Enniskillen leaving his three sons in this castle at Toura.


Build by Thomas Blemerhassett in 1618, this castle was formally known as Castle Blemerhassett.