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Membership of Row the Erne means a steady supply of tea will be coming your way! Joining the club means becoming part of our floating community. It is a novel way for you to appreciate the outdoors, fill your lungs and unplug from daily life.

Membership means access to all the rows we offer locally and on expedition. Previously these expeditions have included to the Scottish Isles and most recently to Skellig Michael and Dingle. Membership is a requirement for expeditions. Discounts are available with a number of local businesses

Training courses offered to members include ropework, knots, use of the safety equipment, water confidence, sea survival and many opportunities to upskill on the various roles on the boat.

The splash and dip of the oars, the rhythmic rowing offers a form of mindfulness. Otherwise you can row, enjoy the chat, the sights and that ever important cuppa.

Embrace the outdoors, your heritage and your community: become a member of Row the Erne.


• Annual Single: £65

• Annual Family (2 Adults, 2 kids under 18): £120

Please contact us on for further information